Multifunctional & comfortable baby carrier - red picture
Multifunctional & comfortable baby carrier - red picture
Multifunctional & comfortable baby carrier - red picture

Multifunctional & Comfortable Baby Carrier - Red

R 349

A practical and multi-functional newborn baby carrier backpack, which is mainly made of durable soft breathable mesh, nylon and plastic materials, and a great way to carry baby, keep kids close and safe at hands especially when you go shopping, on family vacation or take a walk. Wide padded shoulder harness can help to lighten the burden of your shoulders. It supports 2pcs ways of carrying position including Against chest way and Kangaroo style way. With adjustable buckle design and comfortable to use, it is really a wonderful baby infant carrier backpack for choice.

- Colour: Red
- Material: durable soft breathable mesh, nylon and plastic
- One size is suitable for babies aged from 3 to 30 months to use
- Maxinum load bearing: 15kg

Extra wide and thick V-shaped shoulder strap: V-type shoulder strap can reduce the shoulder burden when holding straight
Full-width head pad: Safely protect your baby's head
Padded: a new cross-over design with a cushion on the waist to gently protect the baby's waist
Arc head plate: It does support the baby's back head. When it is hovered, it can avoid bending or unnecessary pressure
Headgear: Simple operation and disassembly, protect the unstable head, and have a sunshade function to prevent the sun from directly stimulating the baby's eyes
Size adjustment zipper: adjustable shoulder strap depth to match the baby's physical use
Buckle: One-touch back button for easy operation
Safety buckle and side buckle: Because the safety buckle and the side buckle are easy to operate, even when holding straight, the baby can easily carry the upper and lower straps
Breathable materials: Breathable materials are used on the abdomen and buttocks for a comfortable and comfortable fit. It is also a strap that people can't put down, the real thing is more luxurious and generous, super popular baby
Strap, smart, beautiful, stylish, good mommy, best choice.

Multi-functional baby carrier commonly used back method
- One shoulder plus protective hat front hug (0-4 months apply) Today, my father and mother walked with the baby more easily.
- One shoulder plus a protective hat horizontally, convenient for mothers to breastfeed.
- One-shoulder anti-caps straight hug (applicable for 3-6 months) to effectively protect the baby's neck development.
- One shoulder straight body hug (4-7 months apply) and the same view of the father and mother, to meet the baby's curiosity.
- One shoulder back straight hug (applicable for more than 6 months) can communicate with the baby more, to understand the baby's situation.
- Hanging on the neck.

According to the ergonomic principle, the extra-wide shoulder strap and the ultra-wide belt are balanced to share the weight
The unique detachable headgear design protects the newborn baby's head and keeps warm and windproof.
Shading effect, the main fabric is made of environmentally friendly breathable mesh, good ventilation, safe and comfortable!
Ergonomic design, safe and secure, easy to put on and take off, comfortable for adults and babies

First, the instructions for use
When using alone, please wear the baby bag first, adjust the length of the strap to fasten the safety lock, grasp both sides of the baby bag with both hands, push outward to determine complete
Fasten, hold the baby's hands together, and put the two legs first. Pick up and put it down while sitting down.
When someone is assisting, first put the baby in, then pick up the baby, and ask others to help secure the lock from the rear.
Please note that no matter which method you use, you must confirm that the security lock is securely fastened before releasing it.

Second, note:
- Check if the bag and accessories are secure before use.
- Do not use bleach and strong detergent when cleaning, so as not to have baby skin allergies.

What's in the box
1 Multi-functional Breathable Adjustable Front/Back Newborn Baby Carrier Infant Backpack Sling Comfort Wrap - One Size (Red)

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